Dental Implants

Dental implants are a wonderful option to replace missing or un-restorable teeth. Because they look andfeel much like natural teeth, dental implants are usually the ideal solution for tooth replacement.
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Dental implants can be life changing. They enable a person to smile and speak with confidence. They can restore lost chewing function and allow people to regain comfort while eating.

Each person is unique and dental implant planning begins with a thorough discussion and exam. Drs. Sutton and Joslin will listen to your needs and suggest ideal treatment. Their goal is to deliver implants that are functional, esthetic, and lasting. Core Dental Specialty Group is a combined specialty practice and all patient treatment, including 3D and intraoral scanning, can be completed in the office. We use a digital workflow to expedite treatment and reduce waiting times wherever possible.

Single Implant Anterior Healing Cap:
Single implant Posterior Healing Cap:
Fixed Hybrid Dentures:
Bar Retained Overdenture
Locator Retained Overdenture