Frequently Asked Questions

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While most of our patients are referred by their dentist or dental specialist, it is not necessary to have a referral. Feel free to email or call our office to book an appointment.

There is no age too old for implant treatment and in fact many implant patients are of older age, as they are part of an earlier generation that has experienced more tooth loss.

We offer a number of anaesthesia options from light sedation to sleep dentistry. This can be discussed during your consultation.

The time for implant treatment is highly variable, depending if bone grafting is necessary. Without bone grafting, most dental implants can have the final crown (tooth) made within 3 months. Bone grafting procedures typically add 4-6 months to the overall treatment time.

“Teeth in a Day” refers to the practice of placing dental implants, and the teeth that are connected to them, in a single day. This IS possible, and is most commonly done when a person is having all of their teeth replaced by implant bridges. The specialists will assess your unique situation and help to create a plan that has both a high success rate, and an acceptable timeline.

There are a large number of temporary options available, so that a replacement tooth can be placed very quickly. Temporary teeth usually look very good, but are less functional than a normal implant crown. While the final tooth can sometimes be made very near the time of implant placement, it is risky to make it immediately.

Many periodontal surgeries are covered by insurance. Most implant surgeries are not covered. We can do a pre-estimate to your insurance company to determine what will be covered.

On the day of treatment, Core Dental will submit insurance claims electronically on your behalf, so that you receive a cheque directly from your insurance company. However, the fees for treatment are due on the day of treatment. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and Debit.

The specialists are conscious of the many reasons why people may have advanced dental conditions and we are sensitive to the fact that in many cases it is beyond a person’s control (i.e. access to dental care as a young person). Our specialists see the most complex of situations. While taking the first step into the dental office can be difficult, we want people to feel that they have taken the right step. There is no need to feel bashful.

We work alongside DentalCard to provide flexible payment options for certain procedures.