Gum Grafting

Soft tissue grafting (gum grafting) is the treatmentof choice in ares of gum recession.
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Grafting can improve the appearance of teeth, and also help to prevent further recession. There are a number of other reasons why a soft tissue graft may be recommended, and Dr. Joslin can discuss these with you during your personal consultation appointment.

Soft tissue grafting is an everyday procedure for periodontists, and can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The most common way to perform soft tissue grafting is to take a small piece of gums from elsewhere in the mouth to use as a graft in the desired location. The original site will have a protective covering (like a band aid) placed on the day of the procedure. A graft requires special care and attention in the first two weeks following treatment. The recovery time can vary depending on the type of grafting and the number of teeth involved. Most patients take a few days away from work following a gum graft. Patients are provided with personalized detailed instructions prior to treatment.

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